2020-2021 Student Editorial Staff

Leila Yow is a senior studying Economics and Political Science at UNC Asheville. She is Co-Editor-in-Chief of Dignity and Section Editor for performing arts submissions. Leila is passionate about making the international economic system more socially responsible and perceives respect for human rights as central to that goal. She is a Research Intern at Inclusive Development International and a Research Assistant with the Societal Violence Scale. These positions allow her to engage with international human rights concerns from the viewpoints of academia and applied advocacy. As a volunteer at her local NPR station, Leila also has a passion for journalism and supporting her local community. 

Elina Morrison is a senior at UNC Asheville pursuing a double major in English Literature and International Studies with a double minor in Economics and Human Rights and serves as President of the UNCA Amnesty International chapter. She is the Co-Editor-in-Chief of Dignity, website manager, and section editor for film + book reviews and poetry. Elina is passionate about the intersection of human rights, law, and policy and is interested in monitoring human rights violations on both a domestic and global scale. ​Domestically she completes extensive advocacy work in the fields of immigration, housing, and foster care policy. Through her experience globally, she has done work in the fields of displacement, genocide, and development economics in Ghana, Rwanda, and China. ​As an English major, Elina has a love for storytelling, film, and journalism and is dedicated to making human rights a reality for all.

Brodereck Stahl is a junior at UNC Asheville majoring in Political Science with a concentration in Human Rights Studies. He is Dignitys’ Production editor directing the journal’s design, style, and final publication in coordination with both contributors and other editors. He also serves as the journal’s Associate Editor. Broderecks’ focus on human rights stems from an interdisciplinary interest in political economy and how vulnerable and marginalized populations interact with state actors. He is dedicated to fostering a more holistic understanding of human rights and how to successfully protect them through international action and cooperation, and believes engaging undergraduate students in Dignity is a creative way to communicate emergent ideas in human rights research.

Bow Rudolph is a UNC Asheville senior with a Political Science major and a minor in Spanish. As section editor of photography at Dignity, his role is to accept and review photographic and visual submissions. Immigration law and housing policy are Bow’s two main interests, specifically human rights violations that cause migration/housing insecurity. Bow is currently interning with Pisgah Legal Services’s Housing Program processing online applications and screening calls. 

Devon Gill is a senior Political Science major with a double minor in Legal Studies and Sociology at the University of North Carolina Asheville. Her passion for human rights is fueled by her work as a child-advocate (Guardian ad Litem) in Buncombe County, North Carolina. Additionally, her experience through the Southern Regional Model United Nations conference drives her pursuit of global awareness in cultivating a deeper understanding of international human rights concerns. She is a peer reviewer for the journal.

Savannah Dicus is a junior Political Science major with double minors in History and Human Rights Studies at the University of North Carolina Asheville. As Section Editor of Dignity, her role is to accept and review research notes submissions. Her interest in human rights began when she started working on the Societal Violence Scale project and was inspired by the skills and new sense of global awareness it gave her. She is specifically interested in domestic human rights violations in the United States as well as abroad, including civil conflict and comparative study.

Soma Samadhi is a senior at UNC Asheville studying Political Science with a minor in Human Rights and serves as Dignity’s section editor for essays & reviews. Soma is passionate about advocacy work and proactive policymaking, specifically in the field of human trafficking. Through her studies and various research projects on the topic, she has become more aware of the immensely underserved populations affected by trafficking, which motivates her to be an engaged community member. 

Nora Maybury is a senior at UNC Asheville majoring in French studies and minoring in Management. As the Associate Website Manager of Dignity, Nora is able to combine her love for visual art with her passion for promoting accessible and engaging educational content. Her interest in human rights has been fostered by working at various public health nonprofits across the US, where she’s seen the necessity for compassionate collaboration in response to community needs. Nora is especially interested in socio-linguistics and the role communication plays in human rights.

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