Visual Arts by Elina Morrison: Human Rights: A New Generation

About This Project.

A storymap is a visual narrative, traditionally used for geographical/science-based storytelling. Its format can help illustrate spatial relationships, make data visualization interactive, and it is a powerful way to share ideas. This storymap compiles data from 30 youth across 14 U.S states and 5 countries. Participants filled out a short questionnaire regarding the following:

  • Where are you from?
  • What do you study?
  • What are human rights?
  • List your top three human rights concerns for yourself/your community?
  • How do you learn about human rights violations around the world?
  • What does our future look like?
  • What do you wish human rights practitioners/experts/etc. knew about Gen Z?

As you scroll through this storymap, the questionare should come alive. While 30 individuals isn’t representative of an entire generation, this project’s goal isn’t to capture a snapshot. Instead, the primary objective is to give youth a platform to unequivocally speak their truths and voice their concerns about the future of human rights.

We must cement the role of young people as builders of an inclusive future, by ensuring not only a rights-based world, but a responsibility-based community, where ideas and commitments are supported by the generation who will be impacted the most.

Elina Morrison is a Senior at UNC Asheville, double majoring in English Literature and International Studies and double minoring in Human Rights Studies and Economics. She is a founding member of Dignity and serves as the journal’s Co-Editor-In-Chief.

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